Secret Gig 6 live im Proberaum Wendlingen
17.02.2018  ca. 80 Party People

Setlist  01. the 8/18th Song  /  02.(I hate) South America)  /  03.the Force of the Nature,can´t defeat  /  04.No!Factory Farming  /  05.Tell me the Truth,Michael  /  06.a Revolution would be Sick  /  07.When Love ends  /  08.the Revenge  /  09.Bloodline  /  10.I saw You  /  11.White Wedding  /  12.(on my way to) Suicide Myself  /  13.Courtney,why you shot me?Dead  /  14.Peckham Rd.
encore  15.Sweet Child o mine  /  16.ACAB
encore2 Peckham Rd ,I saw You ,Courtney ,ACAB

Courtney ,why you shot me? Dead

Bilder vom Gig
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